Monstera Adansonii

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The Monstera Adansonii (also known as the Swiss cheese plant) is native to the Central and South America. They grow under the canopy of large trees where light is scarce. These plants will not produce holes in the leaves unless given enough sunlight. They start on the jungle floor and climb up a nearby tree. As they receive more light, the leaves start to fenestrate (make holes) and become very large. The largest Adansonii leaf can reach up to a foot in length.

Light: Bright indirect. Full sun will bleach leaves.

Water: Water when half dry. This plant does not like to be completely dry, but can easily go a week between waterings.

Soil: Nutrient dense and moisture retentive. Lots of bark (which mimics its natural environment) and perlite.

Notes: Grow your Adansonii up a moss pole to achieve HUGE leaves.

What to expect

You will receive a plant similar in size to the one you choose. I will not send you a smaller plant than the one you select. There will be variation in how each plant looks but I guarantee you will receive a quality plant with a well developed root system.

Heating Pack

I recommend a heating pack when your shipment may encounter temperatures below 40 degrees. Please add one heating pack to your order if you feel this may occur.

Bare Root Packing Available

Your plant will be sent in a nursery pot unless otherwise specified. My favorite way of sending plants is with the root systems wrapped in moss and plastic without a nursery pot. This option is for people who know which potting medium they would like to put it in when it arrives. Please specify during checkout if you would like your plant shipped bare root.