Hoya Pubicalyx

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Compared to other Hoya, Pubixcalyx is a very fast growing Hoya. They are native to the Philippines where they grow on trees. The blooms are star-shaped and colored purple and red. It is often said that Pubicalyx blooms smell like mocha. There is a lot of variation in leaf shape and color as well. Sometimes the leaves are slender and purple while others can be green with silver specks. The leaf is hard like a Hoya Carnosa and would make an excellent starter Hoya. This plant in particular protects its young leaves with a chemical called Anthocyanin. This helps them grow in harsh environments and produce healthy leaves.

Light: Medium to bright light, can handle direct sun for part of the day.

Water: Water when the soil is mostly dry. This Hoya is very forgiving, but needs at least a weekly watering.

Soil: Chunky and well draining with perlite and bark.

Notes: Grow this Hoya up a trellis for large and healthy leaves. Fertilize it with a spray to encourage blooms.

What to expect

You will receive a plant similar in size to the one you choose. I will not send you a smaller plant than the one you select. There will be variation in how each plant looks but I guarantee you will receive a quality plant with a well developed root system.

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I recommend a heating pack when your shipment may encounter temperatures below 40 degrees. Please add one heating pack to your order if you feel this may occur.

Bare Root Packing Available

Your plant will be sent in a nursery pot unless otherwise specified. My favorite way of sending plants is with the root systems wrapped in moss and plastic without a nursery pot. This option is for people who know which potting medium they would like to put it in when it arrives. Please specify during checkout if you would like your plant shipped bare root.