The Leaf Lady
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About Me


I live, work, and play in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.

This landscape and others I have lived in have always been the inspiration for the jewelry I create.


I have been called a squirrel by many fellow hikers.  I love to forage for leaves in autumn color, askew branches, nuts and seeds.  For years I have been storing aways these found objects, waiting for the right medium to channel their beauty.  While trying to find my passion at the University of Georgia at Athens, I made my way to the art department.  I began with black and white photography, tried my hand at drawing, learned about space in three dimensional design, and finally made it to Jewelry Design.  After spending four weeks creating a copper and brass leaf pin I knew had found a nest for all my collected natural inspirations.


After graduating with a studio art degree, I moved to Los Angeles and apprenticed with Wendy Walker.  Working on her platinum and diamond line of jewelry, I learned practical bench work, production work, and small business skills.  In 1999 I began the "Marsha Elliott Designs" line of leaf jewelry.  I moved to Northampton, MA and set up a home studio to begin developing my first line of hand-made jewelry.  After a successful year of selling to local galleries, I decided to join the fine arts show circuit.  After three years of success in MA and CT, I developed a devoted following.


In 2003 my husband Peter and I returned south to the beautiful mountains of Asheville in western North Carolina.  I immediately sought membership to the prestigious "Southern Highland Craft Guild" and was accepted as a member in 2004.  Allanstand Craft Shop at the Folk Arts Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway and Guild Crafts on Tunnel Road in east Asheville were the first galleries in town to represent my work.  Two other guild shops now carry my work, Arrowcraft in Gatlinburg, TN and Parkway Craft Center in Blowing Rock, NC.  Most recently, my work is available in Asheville at Elementality in the Asheville Mall and the North Carolina Arboretum.


Each piece of Marsha Elliott Designs is hand-made, custom finished, available with a choice of semi-precious stones, and is signed and numbered.

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